Frequently asked questions

Where can I download the CityLegends app?

You can download the app in de App Store and Google Play Store.

How can I upload a spot or jam in the app?

You can upload a spot or jam in the app by following the next steps:

  1. Open the map (middle icon)
  2. Go to the location where you want to upload your spot or jam
  3. Click on "create" (upper right corner)
  4. Choose "create spot" or "create jam"
  5. Click on the right location on the map
  6. Click on "create a spot here" or "create a jam here"
  7. Add a photo, name, description and tags
  8. Click on "add to map"
Your spot or jam is now uploaded in the app!

How do I sign up for a competition?

The easiest way to sign up for a competition, is by sending us a DM on Instagram: @citylegendsofficial

How do I change my skill in the app?

You can change your skill by following the next steps: 1. Go to your profile page (bottom right corner) 2. Go to "edit profile" 3. Scroll down and click on "skills" 4. Choose the skill of your liking 5. Click on "confirm skill" Done!

How can I own a spot in the app?

You can own a spot by uploading your content on a certain spot. If you gather the most likes on your video, you own that spot!

How do I upload a video in the app?

You can upload your videos in two different ways. You can upload your video on a spot where you filmed it by clicking on the spot and "add video". If you want to upload a video on your profile, without linking it to a spot, you can go to the map. Click on the create button in the upper right corner, and choose "upload video".

Is your question not listed here? Don't hesitate to contact us!